As this event will happen under ceremonial container, we strongly suggest and recommend the abstinence from alcohol and marijuana or other recreational/psychoactive substances prior, during and after this event. Ceremony is a place where healing happens and where everyone becomes connected to each other in the ceremony. If you wish to fully prepare for the ceremonies that will take place, please be alcohol and recreational drug free for at least 4 days prior to the ceremony and know that it is also recommended at least 4 days afterwards. This is because the learning/lesson/messages from the ceremony do not end with ceremony but can go on for days if you remain clear and receptive.


- RIDE SHARE: We cordially suggest the participants to ride share for this event. As we are trying to minimize the gas emission and promoting community building this is a good method to share and minimize the costs of your attendance. Sign up on this Google sheet to offer or ask for a ride: 

 other carpooling options are Hitch Planet and Poparide.

- BUS: between Whistler, Squamish and Vancouver: https://www.squamishconnector.com/

Local buses are coming up to the University every hour and the fee is of $2 and day passes are available for $4.

- CAR: on the highway 99, take East on the Mamquam Road, then turn left on Highlands Way. Further, turn right on The Boulevard which will then turn into the University Boulevard and continue past the round-point on the Village Drive towards the hill. Signs will be put for further direction into the parking. 


Parking lots will be available underground. Parking next to the Library Building is intended for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. 


An accessible parking is located in front of the library building.
The buildings are equipped with elevators and volunteers will be present to lead you to them if needed.
Accessible stalls washrooms and non-gender washrooms are available. 
VG intends to be as accessible as possible therefore do not hesitate to contact us if our event does not meet your needs. 


- LUNCH: BYOL~ Bring your own lunch! This is a fun way to promote sustainability and lower the amount of waste created by fast food and packaged foods. There is a cafeteria on campus but lunch is not considered with them that day. There are restaurants and places to eat at 10-20 minutes distance from the campus but we will have only an hour and ten minutes for lunch and the participation of the art exhibit and local businesses/associations fair is encouraged. 

- DINNER: There are general admissions tickets available that include a 10% discounted food admission on the regular dinner at the cafeteria on campus. If you plan on having dinner at the cafeteria, (regular price is $13) please purchase your tickets with the option: "GENERAL ADMISSIONS W/ 10% DINNER DISCOUNT" so that you can be considered in the meals prepared that night. The cafeteria works under the Dana's Hospitality catering and is a buffet service which gives you an option to : all you can eat. Vegan, gluten free and dairy free options are available. 


Our Quest University has in most facilities a Zero Waste policy in which bins for compost, hard plastics, papers are available. Even the soft plastics have bin for its own and are gathered and recycled so please, help us maintain the cycle going. Glass is usually gathered on the side of the bins as well in the Hall of the Library building. 


A children's space will be available close by the MPR for certain presentations. Please register your children with a free ticket at 
https://src.ticketleap.com/visionariesgathering to sign up a child for the event. This space is not childcare and is only a space that will offer guided activities by volunteers.


Subsidies to help you pay your ticket are available by sending an email at visionariesgathering@gmail.com

Funded by the QUSA

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