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Meeting in the Middle

Anti-Racism and anti-descrimination online Townhall Series on September 22, 29 and October 6, 2020.
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Sep. 22, 2020, 7:00 p.m. PDT – Oct. 06, 2020, 8:00 p.m. PDT
Townhall Series

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In the light of the unprecedented times we live in and the impulse that Black Lives Matter has gifted, there is an opportunity for all folks to speak up against racism and discrimination. Following local public conversation in light of the ‘Squampton sticker’ and local businesses taking action to dismantle racism in their own intrinsic structures, we would like to invite you to a Town Hall series called Meet in the Middle to discuss the layers of biases and understand where racism exists in the community.



~ September 22nd at 7pm: The self work - Listen & Learn

15 minutes: Welcoming and land acknowledgement 20 minutes: 1st Speaker - Nadi Fantastic on the 5 Fundamentals of Anti-Racism 10 minutes Debrief - recap & community Q&A 20 minutes: 2nd Speaker - Kim Haxton and internal work healing and indigenization 10 minutes: Debrief - recap, community Q&A 10 minutes: Proposed thought-provoking dialogues and open forum.

~ September 29th at 7pm: Community Conversation - Structural and Institutional Discriminations

15 minutes: Welcoming and land acknowledgement 20 minutes: 1st Open Panel Discussion 10 minutes Debrief - recap Q&A 20 minutes: 2nd Open Panel Discussion 10 minutes: Debrief - recap, Q&A 10 minutes: Proposed thought-provoking dialogues and open forum.

~ October 6th at 7pm: Growth and Moving Forward, Land-based approaches on Unceded Territories

15 minutes: Welcoming and land acknowledgement 20 minutes: 1st Speaker - Sussan Yáñez, Land-based approaches as an immigrant on Unceded territories 10 minutes Debrief - recap Q&A 20 minutes: 2nd Speaker - Indigenous expert on land-based methodologies. 10 minutes: Debrief - recap, Q&A 10 minutes: Closing words.


This event acts as an invitation to the local Sea to Sky community to experience co-creational and diverse spaces of plural knowledges regarding anti-racism, and anti-discrimination and in doing so, we aim to extend the conventional concepts of ‘knowledge’ to peoples’ lived experiences. Everything is research, as we all are constantly learning, and while we will bring some core experiences, attendee’s inner-knowing will be key to the understanding of the material. The heart- and land-based spaces offered in this gathering seek to excite journeys of self-discovery, and to reformulate and explore what decolonization can be like when manifested and envisioned from a community effort.

We hold a particular care in honouring the lands and waters on which we gather everyone by making sure that the host nations are consulted, represented and put forefront in the event. We are doing our best to abide by the protocols and traditions that have had place in these spaces for millenia and encourage all participants to bring their presence in such a manner as well.



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Nadi Fantastic is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion educator and founder of Social Justice Writers which is a “No Shame. No Blame. No Guilt. No Drama” educational collective that teaches the 5 Fundamentals of Anti-Racism & Anti-Discrimination. Their work helps people understand the core issues and how individual participation can create a positive impact in their families, communities, schools, organizations and workplaces. The rich knowledge held in this series will address four basic concerns that individuals have when discussing racial issues such as: not knowing what to say, not wanting to say the wrong thing, not wanting to stay quiet, and how they can do things differently.

Sussan Yáñez is a Mapuche, Spaniard and German ancestries mother, cultural facilitator, multidisciplinary artist, student of a bachelor of arts and sciences and the founder of Visionaries Gathering (VG). VG has been a holistic event organized by volunteer students and is a non-profit-to-be that facilitates the co-creation of knowledges and the sharing of experiences through community connection and collaboration. We prioritize the deconstruction of hegemonically reinforced conceptions of place, space, body, and self through the resurgence of Indigenous perspectives and voices, particularly those of Indigenous Elders and knowledge-holders. And the re-empowerment of our collective selves that is at the centre of our projects, through full engagement with these and other global perspectives and voices, help ignite inspiration in students and community members to learn, teach, and act towards creating restorative shared presents and futures.

You can follow us on our websites, Facebook and Instagram pages to see our most recent updates!

Social Justice Writers Website: www.socialjusticewriters.org



Instagram: @socialjusticewriters/

Nadi Fantastic Website: www.nadifantastic.com



Instagram: @nadifantastic

Visionaries Gathering Website: www.visionariesgathering.com



Instagram: @visionariesgathering/

Sussan Yáñez

Portfolio: www.renaturalize.org

Instagram: @renaturalize

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