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Interactive Convergence 2020

Intention: Build a multigenerational guild amongst diverse humans of (in)novative skills and (dis)abilities willing to take responsibility through a transformative one-day journey that will lead us to the questions we often do not want to ask or have been forbidden to ask. These questions in turn wake us to the living potentials we are when we acknowledge that we are carriers of innate gifts.

Vision: Reuniting bright minds with warm hearts to learn about what it means to walk on this Earth when we shed off all the disempowering definitions we may have inherited. Remembering what it means to be- is a cornerstone for the years to come: to leave the legacy of the best possible realities to the next generations to come, to all our relations.

Mission: Visionaries’ Gathering” aims at bringing together people who yearn to create the sustainable thriving realities we need as one human race to survive. This day-long experience will offer a deep transformative experience bridging the mind and the heart by being a platform to engage in embodiment with others. Through the different talks, workshops, ceremonies and concert, a particular emphasis will be put on the interactive flow of the activities, as it is a characteristic of the ways of learning the ancestral Indigenous Wisdom.







Funded by the Quest University Students' Association, the Vines Art Festival & the Quest Faculty Arts Committee.

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