Interactive Convergence 2020

       Visionaries’ Gathering is an interactive convergence and a holistic event that aims to bring people of diverse perspectives and experiences together to reconstruct and heal our relations with the earth, each other, and ourselves. From this reconstruction we intend to co-create and build a community that advocates for the sovereignty of all interrelated entities of earth, including the waters, lands, forests, and peoples.

Through interactive workshops and talks, as well as ceremonies, dance, and music, Visionaries Gathering aims to facilitate the following:

  1. the co-creation of knowledges and the sharing of experiences through community connection and collaboration;

  2. the deconstruction of hegemonically reinforced conceptions of place, space, body, and self through the resurgence of Indigenous perspectives and voices, particularly those of Indigenous Elders and knowledge-holders;

  3. the re-empowerment of our collective selves through full engagement with these and other global perspectives and voices, which will help ignite inspiration in students and community members to learn, teach, and act towards creating restorative shared presents and futures


We hold particular care in honouring the lands on which we will gather for this event by making sure that the host nations are consulted, represented and put at the forefront. We are doing our best to abide by the protocols and traditions that have had place on these lands for millennia, and we encourage all participants to bring their presence in such a manner too.








Funded by the Quest University Students' Association, the Vines Art Festival & the Quest Faculty Arts Committee.

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